Dogs are great, people are be politically correct. People sometimes make mistakes, whether it's someone at AKC, at the superintendents' office or entry service or even the exhibitor. Here are some of the classic errors.

..... "lady" who put her breeders' name as part of the sire's name and then blamed the superintendent for hiring people that cannot read and having poor customer service. BA-DA-BING!

.... data entry clerk that spelled Whitfield as Shitfield .... fortunately that one did not make it into print! WHOOPS! perhaps we were thinking of the individual above

..... club member listed as deceased in the catalog .... boy was he surprised! WHOA NELLIE! perhaps that superintendent also was thinking of the individual in the first example

..... that put their junior handler's name on the entry form as the dog's name and cussed out the superintendent for being an imbecile. DOH!

.... owners name written in the owners box so poorly that it read "Hag" and should have been "Flag".... OUCH!

...the exhibitor who did not get in a show then threatened to get another superintendent because she was a member of the club....oops, club members are not allowed to show!

Some of those examples came out of our office, others did not, although it really does not make a difference where it happens. The data entry people read your entries do sometimes make mistakes. We believe in democracy as there are many times that we have to vote on what an entry reads.  The best way to combat this is to be careful when filling out your entries, print legibly and if you do write information in the wrong place, such as putting your breeders last name on the line following the sire's name, please indicate that the name does not belong on the sire. AKC Rules require us to print the data exactly as on the entry.

As for those that are perfect......well, what can we say....we're only human and if you say that you're not we will take you at your word.