October 2007
An update:† Phyllis is doing well and living with a family in Franklinton NC. She cannot handle or maintain any dogs, so all of her Irish have been placed.†Pat Peters kept five†Irish for Phyllis.†Pat brings Phyllis to the house on a weekly basis to socialize with the Irish.


Marine Lt Col Chris Daniels, Spotsylvania, VA was to pick up an Irish Terrier Stud Dog from Phyllis Kendrick, Danville VA area on April 1, 2002.†Phyllis was found in the house, a stroke victim and was taken to the hospital.†Chris then convinced the Deputy Sheriff not to call the Animal Control; he would see that the 26 Irish Terriers would be taken care of.†Lt Col Chris Daniels saved the day.†Phyllis, lives alone, an Irish Terrier Breeder of 30 years has put championship titles on 26 of her Irish.

Chris then called Pat & Bob Peters (former Marine) who live 100 miles southeast near Wake Forest NC and they met Lt Col Daniels the next morning.†Arrangements were made for the Irish.†

These are 5 star people:†

         ITCA Rescue has been very generous supporting the boarding and veterinary service fees.

         ITCA members Nan Bruner (Rescue) Gail Cummings (Puppy Referral) and David Carscadden (President ITC Canada) have been outstanding in referring persons to us for placement. Betty Clark an ITCA member of 46 years has done a great job in obtaining donations to help Phyllis with her home finances.

         Linda Worsley, Wildside Kennels, Chatham VA took 11 adult ITís at a discounted boarding rate, plus the 2 very young puppies at no cost.†She is the groomer for Dr Moser.

         Dr John Moser DVM, 2815 Riverside Drive, Danville, VA (our former Vet) has given over $350 of free Veterinary service for those dogs temporarily boarded in VA.

         Pat Peters maintained 7-10 to their home until they were placed and relocated Phyllis to Wake Forest, NC for rehabilitation.†

         Dr Frank Pearsall, Director of Development and Pharmacist Maureen Perry of the Virginia-Maryland Regional College of Veterinary Medicine and Dr Grady Hester (a graduate of VA-MD College of Vet Medicine) were instrumental in having pharmaceutical suppliers donate Interceptor and Frontline.

         Dr Grady Hester, DVM, All Creatures Animal Clinic, Rolesville, NC 27571 has given over $600 of free Veterinary service. (Dr Hester was Rolesvilleís outstanding citizen of the year 2001.)

         Ralph McCrery, Senior Territory Manager, Novartis Animal Health US, INC, 3200 Northline Ave, Suite 300, Greensboro, NC 27408 donated 60 doses of Interceptor.

         Earl W Mangum, Sales Representative, Merial, 115 Transtech Dr, Athens, GA 30601 donated 60 doses of Frontline.

         Renee Bennett, a collie breeder,† Heavenís Gate Kennel, Kittrel, NC has boarded up to 13 ITs at an extremely discounted price

         Merilae Perkins, Purina, 8T Ralston Purina, Checker Board Square, St Louis MO 63164 donated 900 lbs. of Purina Dog Chow.

         Take the Lead, has been outstanding in helping with outstanding bills and medical costs. A very worthy organization in helping the dog fancy people with problems.